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The mission of the quality policy of “E-PASAULE” LTD is to secure present and would-be customers with highly qualitative Internet solutions and software in consulting, designing, service, elaboration and sale and to fulfill entirely requirements and provisions of contracts that meet standards of the field of specialization. “E-PASAULE” LTD defines the quality as the delivery od products and services in conformity to the customer’s quality – related desires and requirements set forth in contract.

“E-PASAULE” LTD in its activities observes customer’s variable requirements an desires in the choice of the provided services, as well as the variability of internal quality criteria.

The governing body of “E-PASAULE” permanently evaluates the efficiency and economic feasibility of the Quality Insurance System, activities of employees and understanding on the quality level. The employees are being always incited to submit proposals on improvement of the Quality Insurance System.

The governing body of “E-PASAULE” LTD emphasizes confidence in every employee of the enterprise. At the enterprise the education and advanced training of employees are carried out on a permanent basis. Motivated employees are the highest value of the enterprise, for they are oriented towards production of qualitative goods and servicing and responsibility of the enterprise for the quality of its work. The employees comprehend the advantages of qualitative work and possible consequences of substandard work, comprehend the link between customer care and their material security, as well as the dependence of economic condition of the enterprise upon successful development of the activities.

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