eAgent provides an opportunity for sales representatives, during a visit to a customer, to transfer the order application to the accounting system of the company immediately in order to be executed as soon as possible.

eAgent provides updated data on goods, prices, customers, daily routes.



The system consists of two parts –a mobile client and server.


  • Information about customers (debts, balance, deliveries and legal addresses, contacts, contract period and other important information)

  • New customer adding / editing customer data

  • Daily routes. Customers, which agent has to attend today are specially highlighted. The mechanism allows determine customer visiting (For example: each first Tuesday of month or each even Monday). The route is displayed to the agent in alphabetic order or in the order given on a server.

  • Blocking of order creation for the client, at excess of the maximal debts

  • Information about products

  • Product list – list or gallery views depending on agents choice

  • Ordering history (the last 4 deliveries and the last 4 orders)

  • Discounts, special checking mechanism will check the agent rights to give this discount

  • Products inventory in warehouse / on the clients shelf

  • Products grouping (it is possible to set one or two level grouping)

  • Goods assortment filtration depending on the client category. There is possibility to sale goods, which are not in the assortment

  • Creating, editing and sending of the order for the new and existing customers. The form of orders creation allows specify amount of the ordered goods, the discount for the client and the sale price of the customer goods

  • Customer's debt management. The agent is able to see issued and unpaid payment documents, as well as the list of documents with delayed payment terms.

  • Agent is able to add a message to an order to inform and operator about something or to include the comment into invoice.

  • Possibility to take a pictures of facts connected to products at clients premises (promotions, OOS, product positioning) and classify them accordingly. Photos can be sent to server and shared using services installed on device.

  • Security (All data is encrypted)

  • Support of several languages (LV/RU/EN/LT/EE etc.)

  • Import/Export of the necessary information in the accounting system by using mechanism of integration

  • Agents list management

  • Customer visiting routes creation 

  • Product groups / brands assignation to the agents

  • Clients to agents assignation

  • Agents temporary replacement mechanism

  • Viewing of orders and results of their delivery

  • Receiving of orders from partners via files of an exchange

  • Reports (Sales, Ordered/Delivered, Time spend). All the reports can be filtered by dates, agents, customers. Possibility to import reports in the Excel file

  • Rights delegation mechanism. It is possible to specify list of agents to each operator and operator will see activity only of assigned agents

  • All functionality is accessible by using modern browsers.

  • Additional modules:​
    • Questionnaires – versatile tool for different data registration about customers premises - the activities of competitors, tracking the fulfilment of the conditions of promotion activities agreed with customer, any customer information collection and analysis. The results are available in Excel format.

    • Determining the GPS location of the device allows to automatically register and monitor location of the device allows to register and monitor the coordinates of the location of creating the order 

    • Agents have assigned jobs to be done while visiting customer.

    • Purposeful collection of GPS data - provides the ability to register customer location delivery locations and build a GPS coordinate base for your customers. 

    • Agent can create order of repricing of the goods, indicating the reason of the repricing and / or other important details. 

    • Agent can create order of returning of the goods, indicating the reason of the return and / or other important details. 

    • Allows operator to work in parallel with an agent with the same group of clients. Order list depicts the operator name who actually made an order and agents name who is assigned to work with  the particular customer. 

    • Document creation (contract, waybill, etc.) with the ability to print it using a mobile printer. 

    • Allows working with clients promotions of different types – obliged, promotion of agents choice, quantity.

    • Sales plans assigned to agent in terms of product / product group quantity to be sold and/or amount of earned money. 

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