Usage of eAgent Worker provides an opportunity for repair technicians, to receive jobs assigned to them. The result of fulfilment of the jobs is transferred to the server immediately.

The solution facilitates the inventory and maintenance of the equipment installed at the customers premises. It allows you to create a certificate of service or payment document for services provided on the spot as well.


The result of the visit is immediately transmitted to the system server and, if necessary, to the accounting system, where it becomes available to office staff for analysis and processing.


  • Information about customers (services provided, debts, balance, delivery and legal addresses, contacts, contract period and other important information)

  • New customer adding / editing customer data

  • Daily routes. Customers, which agent has to attend today are specially highlighted. The mechanism allows determine customer visiting (For example: each first Tuesday of month or each even Monday). The route is displayed to the agent in alphabetic order or in the order given on a server.

  • Available service list

  • The history of invoices issued (the last services provided according to accounting data). 

  • Mobile and central spare parts warehouse support.

  • Creation of service report.The application form allows you to indicate the service provided and the details used to provide it. 

  • Worker is able to add a message to an order to inform and operator about something or to include the comment into invoice.

  • Possibility to take pictures (of damage or result of work) and classify them accordingly. Photos can be sent to server and shared using services installed on device.

  • Support of several languages (LV/RU/EN/LT/EE etc.)

  • Additonal modules:

    • GPS coordinates of the location of creation of order are registered and available on WEB console.

    • Questionnaires – versatile tool for different data registration about customers premises - the activities of competitors, tracking the fulfilment of the conditions of promotion activities agreed with customer, any customer information collection and analysis. The results are available in Excel format.

    • Jobs – agents have assigned jobs to be done while visiting customer.

    • Creation of a document (contract, Act of Acceptance, Invoice etc.) with possibility to print it using a mobile printer.

    • Possibility to manage the equipment located at the customers, their position, and assign it for transfer to other customers or to the warehouse. 

  • Import/Export of the necessary information by using mechanism of integration.

  • Workers list management.

  • Customer visiting routes creation 

  • Clients to worker assignation

  • Workers temporary replacement mechanism

  • Viewing of results of the workers visits 

  • Reports (Time spent during the visit). All the reports can be filtered by dates, workers, customers.

  • Possibility to export reports in the Excel file is supported.

  • Rights delegation mechanism. It is possible to specify list of workers to each operator and operator will see activity only of assigned workers.

  • All functionality is accessible by using modern browsers.

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