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The New Generation of Internet and
Mobile Banking - Integra | Online Bank


System allows to exchange electronic documents between a client’s office and a bank applying Internet and protected data transmission channel.

Internet and Mobile bank
Internet and Mobile bank

Account Management

Full control of your accounts, payment cards and
financial instruments.

- Balances for Accounts and Cards 
- Account Statement
- Statement Export on Regular basis
- SWIFT and SEPA reports

- Account details and limits
- Current accounts, loro and deposits
- Card accounts and cards
- Credit accounts and securities

Payments and Transfers

- Intrabank and Interbank Transfers
- Currency Exchange
- Payment and Transfer Templates
- Payment Import and Export 
- Recurring Payments and Transfers
- Document History
- Payment for Services of Suppliers

- Creating Accounts and Deposits
- Deposit Replenishment and Closing
- Loan Applications
- Loan Repayment Schedule
- Correspondence with the Bank
- Electronic and Gov. Services
- Fast Transfer Systems

System Architecture

Flexible customizable architecture allows you to quickly modify and change parts of the system under the requirement of customers.

System Architecture

Online Bank as Remote Service (SaaS)

We offer flexible licensing terms:
without restrictions on the number of clients.


The System is Offered as a Remote Service (SaaS) with a monthly payment or with the acquisition of licenses and placement of the system in the infrastructure of the customer.

INTEGRA Online Bank Cloud Solution with Data Storage in the Best Data Centers of Europe.

- Round-the-clock access
  and support 24/7/365

- Certified data center
   PCI DSS and ISO 27001


Payment Portal

Payment from any payment card for non-bank customers. Increase the loyalty of existing and promote their products to future customers.

Платежный портал Integra ДБО
Платежный портал Integra ДБО
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