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"E-PASAULE" Ltd. Has started to offer IFS Ultimo - EAM system on the Latvian market, which allows you to effectively manage all types of assets, control costs and monitor the fulfillment of Environmental, Health and Safety requirements. IFS Ultimo is a out-of-the-box software, fast and flexible adaptable, easy-to-use cloud-based system that can be easily integrated with other solutions.

IFS Ultimo is an EAM system whose standard package offers diverse functionality. It can be used to plan, execute, monitor and optimize all necessary maintenance work. IFS Ultimo allows you to manage assets such as production equipment or company fleet, all related materials, tools and data. IFS Ultimo has integrated modules for environmental management and occupational safety Environmental, Health and Safety, Operations management, Medical Asset management, IT service management, etc. modules with predefined specific solutions for industries.



The cloud-based system is fully scalable and available in several editions, it can be used on different devices, it is adaptable to the company's size, development stage, needs and budget, and it can grow with the company and its needs.

The IFS Ultimo platform can be used both for maintenance management alone and as an enterprise asset management system, gaining control over the entire asset life cycle and integrating with other systems and processes.


IFS Ultimo is widely used in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, utilities, etc. industries.

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