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More than 1,000 agents in 65 Baltic, Russia  and other countries based companies use eAgent solution on a daily basis.

The system helps to structure the activities of mobile workers in different business sectors, allowing them to fully concentrate on the work process.


eAgent platform is Android OS-based universal solution, widely used in Baltic States since 2010 which provides an opportunity to automate tasks for various types of mobile workers (repair technicians, sales agents, merchandisers) whilst visiting their clients.


The result of the visit is transferred to the server or/and accounting system if needed immediately. The solution uses the full benefits of NFC, QR, barcode scanner and camera. It works online and offline.


The solution meets GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements.


There are three solutions based on eAgent platform: 

Data transfer is insured using the mobile Internet or WiFi. The system supports the work of workers in Online and Offline modes. eAgent provides actual data update for products, prices, customers, routes during the day.



 The solution provides data display using any modern browser. 
Data exchange is carried out using a WEB Service or structured exchange files, such as csv or xml format, or database views. 

Synchronization frequency and data format are agreed during clarifying implementation details.​


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